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From Inception to Implementation


Our Story

Founded in 2008, Jennova was born with a vision for creating new energy products and solutions. Our first product was an energy harvesting powered automotive sensor. From there we learned of the greater opportunity for energy harvesting that the emerging IoT presented.

After years of pursuing different energy harvesting opportunities we had to listen to market feedback, primarily being that Energy Harvesting is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. While an ideal scenario would allow for an off-the-shelf product, energy harvesting works differently in the real-world than it does in the lab. 

From that revelation we decided to shift our operations and reformatted our business to operate as an R&D firm. Jennova now works directly with clients, businesses, and other inventors to custom design energy harvesting solutions for their environment and with their end goal in mind. 

Jennova is led by our CEO and head of R&D Terry Pennisi. Terry started his technical career in the navy at a young age and took quickly to new technologies. He was a reactor operator, qualified in the first class to work on the new Nimitz class reactor design. Following his naval career he held various cutting-edge technical jobs that required him to think creatively to solve and prevent problems. Creating test equipment, writing operating programs, and developing preventative maintenance procedures are only a few of the jobs he preformed that required his unique vision. By always putting a priority on continuing his education he has been able to stay on top of industry advancements. With an outside-the-box mentality and dedication to his craft, it was only a matter of time before his own ideas became clear enough to pursue.

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