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A Thorough Approach

Every IoT style solution is made up of a wide variety of different elements. The first layer of the IoT is data collection, and how you choose to install your sensors can make a big impact on your long-term costs. Energy Harvesting offers an opportunity to minimize installation costs, and in many cases remove the need for batteries altogether. Contact us today to see if your project could benefit from a custom energy harvesting solution.

Motion Based Energy Harvesting

Jennova motion energy.jpg

We work with a variety of motion based harvesting methods to ensure the most reliable on-the-spot power for your solution needs.

Ambient RF Wireless Harvesting

Jennova wireless energy.jpeg

Our Wireless RF Energy Harvesting technique creates an opportunity for powering your devices by gathering freely available Radio Frequency waves.

Flow Based Energy Harvesting

Jennova Flow Energy.jpeg

Whether Liquid or Air, we have developed several methods of harvesting energy from flow that will allow your solution to be powered where it is needed.

Voltage Amplification
Power Conditioning

Circuit Board

Our Patented Voltage Amplificaiton and Power Conditioning circuit is capable of giving most energy harvesting methods a boost, and produces steady reliable DC output.

Battery Power Management

Jennova energy solutions.jpeg

In some cases it is necessary for batteries and energy harvesting to work together. Our battery power management option creates a blended opportunity of extended battery life and on-demand power availability. Contact us for more information.

Custom Designed Energy Harvesting Solutions

jennova energy.jpeg

Your Environment + Your Power Needs are the key elements to developing the ideal energy harvesting solution. Contact us today to discuss your power needs.

Contact us today to discuss your energy harvesting opportunities.

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